Do you like The Potato Man? Do you like The Great Pumpkin Switch? Which is your favorite? Edit this post so we can see.

I love The Potato Man Teryn, Please write more though.India
I love The Great Pumpkin Switch! Jessica
Great Pumkin Switch... More action! Owen
I like The Potato Man Teryn well of course I like it I mean if I did not I would not of done it!!!!
I like them both a lot but I think I like the great pumpkin switch a little more. I wish Megan McDonald could write more of those books. Noa
I like The Great Pumpkin Switch. Vera

If you like THE GREAT PUMPKIN SWITCH more why?

I like the great pumpkin switch because it ends up happy and the potato man was generous and otto and grandpa kept their promise~Aimee
I like The Great Pumpkin Switch more than The Potato Man because to me, The Great Pumpkin Switch has more action. Noa