Mr. Angelo- Was the potato man. People said he was as lumpy as a potato. In the Great War he lost his right eye. He could see well without his right eye. He would go down East street and sell fruits and veggies, but the main thing he sold was potatoes. When he came down East street he would yell '' abba-no-potato-man''.The main characters feared him because he did not have a right eye. But he was friendly and nice. That is what we know about the potato man.

Grandpa- Wore glasses. He was old and cheerful man. Grandpa liked to smile at people. His hair was gray and very nicely combed hair. Grandpa told a lot of good stories. Every time he told a story the kids would gather round.That is what we know about Grandpa!

Otto- Was a young boy who was grandpa's friend who was in a lot of the stories. Otto was Grandpa's friend when he was young. Otto was also afraid of the Potato man. In the story The Great Pumpkin Switch he was one of the main characters. He went around with Grandpa a lot.

Mom- She was the mother of Grandpa. She watched Grandpa and what he did with his friend. In the story The Great Pumpkin Switch the Mother is helpful but if you want to find out you have to read the book.

Rosie- Rosie was Grandpa's sister. She plays a larger part in the Great Pumkin Switch than in The Potato Man.